Our expert team of strategists, designers, and innovators create winning campaigns that influence opinions and advance your agenda. Leveraging every medium, we know how to get your message to the right audience at the right time.

While the 🦕🦖 struggle to keep up with the changing landscapes, innovation is simply in our DNA.



TAG Strategies is a modern company composed of seasoned marketing veterans, bold creative professionals, trusted major donor fundraisers, and communications experts who help our clients break into new markets, develop record-setting fundraising programs, connect with the right audiences, and manage complex and competitive campaigns. We’re always looking for a new challenge to implement our innovative, creative, and cutting edge solutions and buck dinosaur conventional strategies in service of our clients.

Modern campaigns understand that digital is the nucleus of the operation. As your general consultant, we put the pieces together to build a cutting edge team ready to sprint towards victory. Each individual component is crucial, and expert strategic planning and coordination ensures talent never goes underutilized or overlooked. Our experience spans politics, finance, entertainment, business, nonprofits, industry trade groups, and more – we’re ready to partner with you to build a team, a process, a roadmap that will prepare you to tackle any challenge.


At TAG, our Digital Marketing team stands at the center of fundraising, advertising, creative, and brand marketing. With over a decade of experience and time spent working on Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senate, House, State elections, and several national Party Committees and PACs, our digital experts bring battle-tested tactics to your race straight from the cutting edge of the campaign world.

We value Creativity, Consistency, and Authenticity above all as a company and for our clients. Our team works across disciplines to help clients raise money, shape the narrative, and meet your supporters where they are. We combine tried-and-true tactics that work with the latest in campaign insights to ensure success.


Audiences have never had as many distractions as they do today. Competing for their attention with fresh ideas and concise, eye-catching storytelling is paramount to any successful effort. TAG Strategies video and creative team is the best – and fastest – in the business. We provide high quality, very quick turn video production, post production and motion and graphic design. From scripting to shooting to editing to publishing – our team will tailor impactful content that drives home a message every step along the way.

Our team of videographers, graphic designers and motion artists deliver stunning visuals that tap into viewers’ emotions – making the content resonate. With vast experience in campaigns and in the highest levels of government, the creative minds on our team have spent years optimizing content with specific insights to help it over perform in a crowded marketplace. Understanding the fast-paced nature of politics and advocacy, we deploy and produce content on tight schedules to meet the moment. 


TAG Strategies knows how to curate a story and drive the message. We specialize in strategic advertising – from message development to ad placement. We focus on data-driven marketing to generate results for our clients and believe in the flexibility to operate across platforms to tell unique stories and win high-profile campaigns.

Whether you’re looking to mobilize voters, influence media narratives, raise donations, or build an engaged list, we have the experience to achieve your goals. Our team builds media strategy across an array of channels to optimize efficiency and deliver extra value to our clients.


Our top-notch major donor fundraising team is responsible for raising billions of dollars in races across the country. We’re constantly analyzing data and refining our tactics to make sure we’re maximizing our efficiency and your return. With our extensive experience throughout Washington DC and the national donor market, including PAC fundraising and corporate development, we look forward to connecting you to new investors and nurturing existing relationships.

The major donor team at TAG will oversee all call time, event scheduling and donor outreach as well as identifying and educating new donors while leveraging existing relationships to grow their investment and involvement in new clients. 


The TAG Strategies Communications Team is battle-tested with experience in political campaigns ranging from local to presidential, as well as at the Federal level in both chambers of Congress and the Executive Branch. With years of experience working with the national political press corps, our team will help your campaign pitch and place stories to advance your narrative, and come alongside your campaign to develop long and short-term strategic media plans to meet your goals.

As expert communicators, we can help your team churn out content from social media to speeches to opening statements in a manner that matches our market – aggressive. From media training elected officials, murder-boarding cabinet secretaries, and debate prepping Senate candidates, our team has what it takes to ensure your candidate and campaign is ready for even the toughest lines of questioning – no matter the forum. We stand ready to craft your winning message. 


TAG’s in-house web development team produces cutting-edge websites with stable and trusted site hosting. Tailored to your organization and goals, our team designs and creates beautiful and effective custom websites to tell your story and reach your audience. 

Our designers and developers push the envelope on what is possible, producing creative and eye-catching sites. Working with your team, we are ready to build a site from the ground up that moves your organization forward. Trusted by top campaigns and brands, our web development team delivers results.